Tomorrow will be my first day as cheer coach. #Nervous

"Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me."

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I’ve never done anything without music, and now I’m leading it. This should be entertaining.

"I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect."

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My knees haven’t been this bad since Relay for Life in 2011.


i dont trust people who are attracted to me…like why? write me a 10 page paper with a legitimate thesis and valid points backing up your claim or you fake.

Lol this is just funny.

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"i. I have a bad habit of
being an open book, of
being that sunflower girl with
her arms stretched so wide
everyone thought she wanted to hug
the Earth. I’ll always be
wearing my heart over my shirt
instead of under it.

ii. In the prologue of
The Book of Me,
before I tell you my name,
I will whisper to you the story
of how I got these scars.
How they have been inked so deep
they began to carve themselves
on to my bones.

iii. On a night like this,
where the moonlight
kisses your eyes,
you’ll ask me:
So, what’s your favourite colour?
Where did you grow up?
When were you born?
And I’ll point to the unfinished
book that I have spent my whole
life writing and tell you to look for yourself.
Even though you won’t find
those answers stitched there.

iv. The pages will turn
like autumn leaves, and
instead, you’ll discover
the reasons why I believe in
the universe so much. How
the stars used to sing me to sleep,
and I’d wake with yesterday’s
dust on my eyelids.

v. When you’re done reading,
I hope you’ll want to stay.
Maybe then I will tell you:
My favourite colour is blue.
I grew up in a town that was
too small for my wings.
I was born in the spring,
where the flowers
bloomed me to life."

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