I think the highlight of my day yesterday was a question in the technology room. It was as follows: “Make a list of bugs.” The presenter had volunteers answer the questions. Mr. Miller (the Sped teacher at Davis) went first. He said he made a t-chart - one side had literal bugs and the other had figurative. I was pretty impressed. He named spiders, ants, etc. Then, he named figurative bugs related to education. I remember him saying the word distractions. After Mr. Miller gave his answer, I gave mine.

I told them that I, too, thought of the literal and the figurative. I told them that I thought of spiders, too, but that I thought of how they related to common core. I also told them that I didn’t take the figurative side of bugs negatively, really. I went on with my explanation by saying that I thought of a spider making a web and that the side cones from the inside and winds its web on the foundational strands it first laid. I told them that the common core standards seem much like that, because we, as fifth grade teachers, cannot further the web until our students have those k-4 standards mastered. If we went on without filling in the gaps as needed, our students’ webs would be lopsided or have holes in them. And quite frankly, that’s a threat to their lives. It causes them to not catch as many flies (food) as the average spider. It causes them to have to be careful not to fall in the holes and hurt themselves or die. It causes them to have a smaller web overall, so they can’t see the world for being in a tight space all their lives. Our students rely on us to help them build their webs properly.

The presenter thanked me for my answer, and did that is the kind of higher order thinking that common core strives for in the end. Mr. Miller said, “Girl, you got deep.” And I laughed and told them that I’m an ELA teacher.

The truth, though, is that that’s the first time I’ve had a chance to be that kind of creative in a long time. I think that’s what I don’t like most about teaching fifth graders.


I’ve always been adamant about not drinking and recently I’ve found that I need to drink in order to spend time with my own boyfriend because he makes me so miserable.

Break up with him.


This morning I woke up saw my book on my bedside table and thought “oh crap I forgot to charge my book” but then I remembered books don’t need to be charged and realized it is quite a beautiful thing.

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Everyone is all like.. Liam Hemsworth..omg! And my dad asks me if I’ve seen Woody Harrelson yet. I’m just like.. No, but thank you for knowing how I roll. Lol

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