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me: *goes back to sleep*

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List of verbs grouped by their syntactic processes


This list of verbs from English Verb Classes And Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation (Levin 1993) is a really useful resource if you’re looking to construct example sentences or experimental stimuli. 

For example, the spray/load alternation refers to a type of verb that can be found both of the following contexts:  

1. I sprayed paint on the walls.
2. I sprayed the walls with paint. 

3. I loaded hay into the truck. 
4. I loaded the truck with hay. 

Spray and load are classic examples, hence the name of the alternation, but Levin gives a longer list of English verbs that undergo the same process: 

adorn anoint arrange bandage bang bathe bestrew bind blanket block blot bombard brush carpet channel choke cloak clog clutter coat coil contaminate cover cram crowd cultivate curl dab dam dangle dapple daub deck decorate deluge dip dirty dot douse drape drench dribble drip drizzle drop dump dust edge embellish emblazon encircle encrust endow enrich entangle face festoon fill fleck flood frame funnel garland garnish hammer hang heap hoist imbue immerse impregnate infect inject inlay install interlace interlard interleave intersperse interweave inundate jam ladle lard lash lay lean lift line litter load lodge loop lower mask mottle mound mount ornament pack pad pave perch pile place plant plaster plate plug pollute position pound pour prick pump push put raise rake ram replenish repopulate rest riddle ring ripple robe roll rub saturate scatter scoop scrape season seed set settle sew shake shovel shower shroud siphon sit situate slather sling slop slosh smear smother smudge soak soil sow spatter speckle spew spill spin splash splatter splotch spoon spot spray spread sprinkle spritz spurt squash squeeze squirt squish stack staff stain stand stash stick stipple stock stop up stow strew string stud stuff suffuse surround suspend swab swaddle swathe sweep taint tile trim tuck twirl twist veil vein vest wad wash wedge whirl wind wipe wrap wreathe wring

The whole document is like that. It’s just fantastic.

"I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again."

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Turn ons: common sense

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